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Many favorites that have captured my heart dearly, don't judge me by what I fav. :}





RMVX - Royal Knight Trevor by Leon-Murayami
RMVX - Royal Knight Trevor
Here's my last Knight character, Michelle/Crystal's brother, Trevor.

Trevor is Michelle's older brother and a member of the Royal Guard, he is strong, valiant, courageous, and will fight to his last breath to protect those he loves. Originally, planned for project "Crystal Paladins" inspired by Final Fantasy in a way.
RMVX Sue-Yung Hinomoto by Leon-Murayami
RMVX Sue-Yung Hinomoto
Here's one of my character sprites I made up over a year ago, this is Natsumi's aunt, Sue-Yung Hinomoto, Sue-Yung was planned as a support NPC, she is a aspiring doctor, and herbologist, she can tell which herbs can be used for medicinal purposes and which ones are not, she owns her own Inn/Hotel, and she's skilled in reading ancient scriptures.

Originally I made up an alternate intro for my RPG Project involving her saving Kenshin from bleeding to death in an open forest when he is suddenly teleported from an epic battle against his arch nemesis Obuno Kastsuhito by a mysterious being. She heals Kenshin back to health and he eventually meets Natsumi in the process.

<da:thumb id="293921202">

Originally planned for Project Saige Murayami aka Final Fantasy Saige, here for viewing pleasure.
RMVX - Riese Riverson by Leon-Murayami
RMVX - Riese Riverson
This is one of my OC characters I made up 4 years ago on Soul Calibur 3's Custom Character Creator, based on one of the Ally characters on Chronicles of the Sword from Soul Calibur 3. The character's original name was Reise but I changed it to Riese Rivers when I couldn't settle on a name. Originally planned for Project Saige Murayami aka Final Fantasy Saige.

Riese is a desert bandit and warrior, she tends to only cares about jewels, gold, and rare artifacts but has a kind heart despite being raised as a thief. Though she steals at times, she steals only to provide for her adopted family whom saved, raised, and watched over her, there might be a possibility she is related to the current Sultan of her land, but it has yet to be determined. 


A desert bandit, whom is like a modern day Robin Hood, may have ties to Royal Blood and fights only for honor as there is honor among even thieves.

Default Sprite: Red and Gold Armor, Dark Red Boots, Bronze Gauntlets, Bandit's Cloak(Not included)
RMVX - Paladin Melody by Leon-Murayami
RMVX - Paladin Melody
Here's another one of my unused characters, I never used her due to no original ideas, amazingly this character was inspired by a Character Card on Fantasicia named Merio…

This is Melody, a dependable friend of Michelle's who enrolled in the same academy as she did to become a Paladin and fight for her country, she's half Russian and half American. 
Originally, I named the project she was going to be part of "Crystal Paladins" inspired by Final Fantasy in a way.


Leon Hightower Jr
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My name is Leon Hightower Jr, but everyone in my family calls me Jr, I love it here on DA, and I enjoy drawing, but it's mainly for fun half the time. I enjoy Video Games, Anime, Meeting New People, Looking at Art, and interested in Girls:eyes: of course. So far throughout my time here, I'm enjoying myself here!

I usually have grammar problems half the time so don't blame it on me OK? ^^; I am the little brother, I am the uncle, I am the video gamer, I am the rocker, I am the friend who will always be your friend forever.

I hate losing a friend over a argument or something stupid and I am the thinker, most of the time.... I am also the guy who is also trying his best, but wants to know what he wants in life. :| I love making new friends and helping others, but if you upset me or tick me off to the point of me cussing, I will block you or remove you, so don't piss me off or upset me OK?

But other than that, I'm a OK guy once you get to know me, anyways, check out my page, whenever your online, look for me OK? :D Also, give me a shout whenever you visit my page, you can give me a shoot in my journal in the shoutbox!

My Main Account! ---:iconsaigeryumurayami:

This account here is mainly for my Story Project/RPG Project mainly, ranging from sprites, Faces, Screenshots from my old projects and other stuff. if you guys want a specific sprite made for you, I can make it happen, but here's the deal!

IF you guys want a specific sprite or Face made for you, I can make it happen, but here's the deal!

1) One request at a time!

2) You must give me a screenshot or drawing of the character!

3) Which format of the sprite do you want RPG Maker VX/VX Ace style or RPG Maker XP style

VX/VX Ace style - VX/VX Ace Sprites resolution are 96x128

XP Style - Resolution for XP sprites are 128×192

3) No creature characters sadly only human or humanoid like characters but I can add furry ears to the characters and a tail

4) You do not have to pay points to for me to do requests, just ask and I'll try to make it! :)

5) No nudity or hentai sprites I don't do that :no:

6) Understand that if I cannot make the "said" sprite I cannot, I have my limits sadly and I can only do so much... :shrug:

Other than that, just give me something simple and good and I'll make it happen, if you wanna pay points to have a sprite made, that's cool but you really do not have to do so! :)

As for Facemaker Requests, those are simple to make, I'll make a face for you if you want, I make some good ones and I need to get back into the habit of making them. Note that the size resolution for Faces is 192x192 or 96x96 if you want a full Facemaker set of characters expressing different emotions I can do that easily! Face Sets are a total of 8 faces with different expressions and the resolution for them are 384x192.

Just give me a good picture of that character and I'll work my magic with Facemaker and GIMP! Please post all requests on this journal.…
Back again! Leo's Back! Tell a friend! Guess who's back, Guess who's back, guess who, guess who's back?

I'm doing great in my classes, only 2 hiccups, but nonetheless, I've got a ton of sprites to post and such and also, I must announce that.

OPEN signOPEN signOPEN sign Request are open once more, come on in!!!OPEN signOPEN signOPEN sign 
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Hey y'all, I got something to tell ya, so listen up and pay attention please?

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately, especially real life stuff lately and most of the time I've wasted for the past 7 or so years since then. So this is what I'm telling y'all, sometime either next week or Sunday, I will be leaving DA for a short while to take care of business I need to do that is personal, I'll come by every once in a while to answer messages and such, but I will not be posting anything anytime soon, so yeah. I promised myself I would try to do these things in REAL LIFE during September or earlier in the month, but like a fool, I left near the end of the Year creep up on me which sucks, especially after today, I get on and there ain't a thing going on, and I was sadly not interested in watching any or all videos or streams of the New Smash Bros 3DS demo or anything that has to do with Youtube in general, I couldn't even do any sprite making today so yeah... I'm going through the motions I guess, I'm bored with my daily routines and such now, so it's time to make this LATE breaking change in my life.

So I'll see y'all later on when I have at least done some of these things I need to take care of, I'll stop by to message y'all if you message me of course, but I will be going offline for Youtube, Skype, Forum Sites I'm on and other things. Also.. I am closing my request door for the time being, so no requests for now sorry y'all, I will gladly take any requests when I open the door again! :) (Smile)Got to take care of some important business. :) (Smile) Hope y'all understand!


Hey guys, things are going OK, I'm not back fully, but this is a update of my current situation. First of all things are going OK, mind my Grandma's constant blabbering and yelling like a banshee. I have been reading the Driver's Handbook slow but steady, I NEED to talk to my aunt about getting a license some before the end of this year. I am doing a OK job of losing weight, I have taken myself off of Soda and sadly Kool-Aid and junk food, and I drink water or bottled water actually, so yeah, I try to exercise on specific days from now on, but in order for me to jog around the blocks again, I need a new MP3 Player, the audio on my old one is messed up now. I finished my last class in Online College for University of Phoenix and I am hoping to get taken off of Academic Probation soon, that means I will end up back with two classes sadly, but I enjoy taking one class at a time, because taking 2 classes is such a hassle for someone like me, but I gotta do what I can do, I am praying that all that work I did in my HUM/176 class was done and worth it, I would hate to have gotten a low grade after all I did. I just learned that one of my older cousins got out of THE PIN, and he's doing great, now just gotta wait on my other cousin to get out, so proud of him, I gotta see him again! :D (Big Grin)Other than that's it pretty much going OK, been wanting to talk to :iconsonicanderikfan: more and more, besides on DeviantART, I want to see you more and more you know? Or at least hear your voice. Pray Also I have been praying for a friend's best friend to be well, cause she's a sweetheart like my sweetheart :iconsonicanderikfan:

But that's all for now folks, ta ta for now! Peace GOD Bless!

Ta Ta, see ya! Peace
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  • Playing: PSP when it works and PS2
  • Eating: Trying to lose weight. @_@
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